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Full of Beans

Market Cafe

The Flavour of the

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market

Our Brew
Canadian Roasted Coffee

Full of Beans was established in 1995. After years of experience, we have perfected our coffee brewing process. 

Our barista team continuously strives to provide quality and consistency in every cup.

Our coffee beans are locally roasted by state-of-the-art equipment in Toronto, Canada. We also treat and filter our water to remove unwanted additives to help bring out the best taste. 

Full of Beans specializes in a variety of

flavours from rich, bold, full body flavours

to smooth, bright, clean flavours.


We serve the finest coffee beans from a perfected roaster across the growing regions of Africa, Asia and America. Our coffee is cupped then tested to ensure the desired flavour profile standards are met.


Our coffee roaster ensures that roast profiles are meticulously developed for every blend, single origin and espresso.

Our Speciality
Coffee Beans
Our Baristas Care

Full of Beans baristas value our customers, each other and the coffee experience. We are committed to giving you a personal experience when it comes to your daily cup of coffee. 

We all share a passion and commitment to making the best cup of coffee possible. The attention to detail and constant quest to search for the best flavour will make your coffee truly unique. This is what makes each cup of coffee at Full of Beans exceptional. 

We are so proud to continue to learn and to develop a better cup of coffee for each visit you have with us.

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